When Blu Top hung up his ice cream scoops at Camden for the winter an intriguing replacement came forward. Tongue ’n Cheek’s Cristiano and wife Kirie have been working on a Japanese dessert idea since last winter. Combining his discerning Northern Italian palate and Kirie’s Gunma-Ken Ota roots, here’s Tokyo Bakery to inject something new to KERB Camden Market.


What are they making? Crepes. So what, everyone does crepes, right? Standard? No, matey, no. Before we even get to the fillings, let’s go in on that batter: there’s bog-standard batter where someone combines flour and water and hopes for the best by stuffing the cooked product full of Nutella. Then there’s the painstakingly thought out Tokyo Bakery batter that tastes like everything you’ve ever needed in your day. Buttery, beautifully balanced and perfectly griddled. Inside, it is stuffed with fresh whipped cream and a miso salted caramel that is so freaking savoury it cuts the cream like a Saji.

This thing is now open for business at Camden. Get it.