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Noshville: highlights

Thank you to all our KERBanists and everyone who came down to our Americana weekender last weekend. 

Apple pie donuts, spicy fried oysters, Philly cheesesteaks, live Maverick Festival music, melon margaritas, bucking bronco, Cajun lemonade, and a mass of colourful, happy Londoners splayed across the Kings Cross pavement soaking up sun in true balmy Alabama back-porch style. It was magical to see:

Balmy scenes

Picnic-ing out on the KERB

... And the KERB picnics: Other Side Nashville fried chicken buns, Taco Dave’s candy bacon chipotle tacos + a pot of Anna Mae’s mac ‘n Cheese by Nibs.

Oh My Dog’s ‘Windy City Red Hot’ hot dogs + tater tots, Vicky’s Homer donuts, KERB Bar Mint Juleps by Tanya’s Travels.

Working it off with some Bronco Ballet

These guys were BACK (after stealing the stage at KERB’s Reggae Roast last July)

But you were too content to move. No wonder…

Project Sandwich’s Sandwich Festival-winning smoked pork shoulder ‘El Jefe Revisited’ dunked in NOSHVILLE special Nola Dip.

GUEST TRADER: Black Bear Burgers American double blacks w/ onion jam.

Hank’s INCREDIBLE spicy fried oyster (from the deluxe ‘Fish Fry Basket’)

The one and only, Other Side Fried.

Mezcal mushroom / Dr. Pepper beef brisket / Candy bacon corn discs from new inKERBator graduate Taco Dave

 DREAM TEAM: KERBanists Ed from Square Root and Vicky’s Donuts found Anna Mae’s (cheery) Albus. And they weren’t the only one’s who brought a great pooch…

When you’re down at KERB’s Americana street food weekender and you meet a (half-lab) half-sausage dog with a red star neckercheif, New York owners and his own insta account @iamdachsador. Meet Tiny.

PRINCESS PUG. Being pink-pram rafted because the concrete was too hot for her paws.

This Westie had one too many

Thanks to Maverick Festival for coming down from Suffolk with their ‘Jimmy Rogers’ busking stage

Here’s to NOSHVILLE 2018 X