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KERB Life Podcast : E03

Episode 3: The Social Bottom Line

Meet the people creating opportunities for young people through street food.

Podcast Summary (It's way better to listen)

The Social Bottom Line at KERB

KERB’s curated crew of talented street food traders have more in common than just the food.


00:00: Intro to ‘Billy’, future chef, worker from The Liminality Group
01:00: Charlie from Project Sandwich at the Castlehaven Community Association in Camden
02:20: Bridget and Laurence Callaghan from Well Kneaded
06:39: Carl Brooks, the ‘floury man’ from Well Kneaded
08:40: Bridget on why Well Kneaded isn’t a charity
14:18: Andrez Harriott from The Liminality Group
28:50: Billy, future chef, worker from The Liminality Group

There’s a way of life at KERB and a shared desire to be part of something positive. People and planet, as well as profit, are part of the triple bottom line.

Bridget and Laurence Callaghan joined KERB in the early days, serving wood fired pizza from the back of an H Van. Frustrated by the lack of genuine opportunities for disadvantaged young people, Bridget set out to create jobs for them in her business, Well Kneaded.

Bridget said, “I had visions of my head of catering big posh events, with these young people serving these rich people. I thought — wouldn’t that be brilliant if I helped force a situation whereby these two worlds are colliding without even realising it.”

From the start, the Well Kneaded H Van hatch has been manned by raw talent from local housing estates. Being part of the business, building its reputation and feeling the highs and lows are all part of the experience for Bridget’s young crew.

Carl Brooks ‘the floury man’ has served customers at Well Kneaded for years; not only is he integral to the business, his beaming energy and humour are vital ingredients to the full flavour of KERB.

Also part of the KERB family are young people from The Liminality Group (TLG). Founded by Andrez Harriott, former RnB star from 90s group ‘Damage’, TLG designs programmes to support disadvantaged youth or those at risk of offending.

KERB traders give jobs to young people on day release from prison, so they know there will be opportunities for them to turn their life around once they are free.

Andrez said, “At KERB, working with the traders, they get to be themselves. Nobody knows who they are, where they’ve come from or that they will be back behind a cell door tonight. So they leave here and think – people don´t judge me.”

It’s a programme that works and you can hear it in the words of ‘Billy’. “From a day at KERB, I take away a full belly and a load of skills…People see me as the new legit person that I want to be. In 6 years time, I hope to be a chef. If I put my mind to something, I can do it. I’m here with KERB, that’s a big thing to be a part of, a big opportunity.”



The KERB Life podcast has been produced, edited and hosted by Robin Leeburn, of Fairly

Executive Producer: Petra Barran

Just Joseph at Blackfriars Bridge
Michael Sebastian at Tate Modern 
Boy and a Balloon at Tate Modern
Damage – Ghetto Romance

Andrez Harriott, The Liminality Group (TLG) 

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