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This month, as KERB celebrates a decade in the capital, we wanted to look back at the era in London food that we sprung up out of – how it has evolved since then, and how we, as a community and a business, have shifted with it.

This KERB LIFE Special is a 3 part series to mark a decade of KERB and a decade of huge change in London food.

Covering the wave of change following the crash of 2008, fuelled by recession, social media and a mass of people going ‘screw this, I’m off to do my own thing’ a raft of new flavours and experiences were suddenly out there on the streets and Londoners couldn’t get enough of it.

The series charts this time and then, how we as a business – and a community of food entrepreneurs – navigated these tides of change, going from the wild abandon of start-up energy to figuring out how to make money out of it, how to keep it good while big business piled in – through opening a food hall, being knee-capped by Covid and now, how we cope with the headwind of a ravaged hospitality industry.

Expect lots of opinions, reflections, characters – and a plunge into London food from a kerbside view.



A sonic feast bringing together all the talent and hard work that goes into making the London street food scene about so much more than just a bit of meat in a bun. The KERB Life podcast series tells the tale of entrepreneurialism, finding meaning in a rapidly changing London and food as the most incredible axis around which so many cultures and ideas are formed. DIG IN.


KERB On The Inside

KERB has gone inside. We’ve parked up, put away our grills and shuttered Seven Dials Market whilst the coronavirus takes hold. But whilst everything is quiet outside, the inner hive is busy as ever - figuring out how to come through this crisis. Hosted by KERB founder Petra Barran, in conversation with some of the greatest forces in our community, KERB on the Inside is a weekly dose of the defiant, surprising and often bumpy ways that entrepreneurship, street spirit and the hospitality industry itself is finding to survive, regroup and flourish once more.