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A sonic feast bringing together all the talent and hard work that goes into making the London street food scene about so much more than just a bit of meat in a bun. The KERB Life podcast series tells the tale of entrepreneurialism, finding meaning in a rapidly changing London and food as the most incredible axis around which so many cultures and ideas are formed. DIG IN.

Episode : E14

Michelin Star On The Streets

Two years ago, something remarkable happened at a small hawker stall in Singapore’s Chinatown market - Chan Hong Men earned a Michelin star for his soya sauce chicken. And this spring, the man better known as Hawker Chan jetted into London to join KERB’s markets, bringing the crowds flocking to KERB King’s Cross in Granary Square for a limited three-day run of lunchtime services and the chance to eat a Michelin dish for just £6. Read more...

Episode : E13

Life On The Veg

This KERB Life podcast lifts the biodegradable lid on the London vegan movement in the midst of a plant-powered revolution - on the streets with KERB, across the capital and now in the shopping basket. Whether it’s the record 160,000 who pledged to stay away from the animal foods for a month during ‘Veganuary’, Tesco reporting a 40% increase in demand for vegan products, or that joke about vegans - we’ve all heard about veganism this year. And ever more are changing their eating habits as a result, citing animal welfare, environmental fears and their own waistlines as motivation. Read more...

Episode : E12

Breaking Down The Bun

When it comes to lunch in the city - how much are we willing to pay? How much does it cost to make? What represents value and are we paying enough for food today? KERB opens the book on the numbers game, finding out the true cost of serving a street food dish, why prices are what they are (from quality ingredients to experienced staff and constant running costs) and how the queues on the street translate onto balance sheets. In interviews with Emma Reynolds of Tonkotsu, KERBanists Burger and Beyond and Anna Maes, Robin explores the risks and rewards of running a street food stall and how in a current environment of high-street precariousness, with restaurant chains shutting left right and centre, how food businesses survive in a city like London - with its ever-rising rents and high competition. Read more...

Episode : E11

The Bread Network

Reporter Robin Leeburn needed no second invitation to cross the capital uncovering the stories behind the Bread Network - and found the perfect partner in a true expert: Bridget Hugo - co-founder of famed pizzeria Franco Manca and latterly the founder of Bread Bread Bakery. He also talks to Alice Williams, founder at Luminary Bakery and Adrian Macalari, director of Sally Clarke Bakery and several KERBanists, on his exploration of London’s buzzing bread network. Read more...

Episode : E9


Our Christmas Special Bonus Episode, where we talk to traders about their favourite festive recipes, hear about what it means to give at this time of year and why charity is so important to KERB and our community. We contemplate why, only at this time of year, we forget the latest and greatest food trend or invention and stick to what we know and love in a quest for comfort, familiarity and tradition Read more...

Episode : E8

BONUS EPISODE: Street Food Evolution

This bonus episode is a recording of our first ever panel discussion - part 1 of our ‘Future of London Food‘ series, bringing together the most compelling voices in street food to talk city living and how we eat. Journalist Victoria Stewart hosted, with Zan Kaufman (Bleecker Burger founder), Tony (Anna Mae’sfounder), Regan Koch (lecturer of Human Geography at Queen Mary University) and KERB MD Simon Mitchell look back on the street food revolution and explore the question "where to next?". Read more...