Kerb Life Podcast : E14

Michelin Star On The Streets

Two years ago, something remarkable happened at a small hawker stall in Singapore’s Chinatown market - Chan Hong Men earned a Michelin star for his soya sauce chicken. And this spring, the man better known as Hawker Chan jetted into London to join KERB’s markets, bringing the crowds flocking to KERB King’s Cross in Granary Square for a limited three-day run of lunchtime services and the chance to eat a Michelin dish for just £6.

Podcast Summary (It's way better to listen)

In this episode of KERB Life we’ll meet the man himself – Hawker Chan –  to talk roots, fame, starts and crossing-continents on the back of a humble chicken dish and the consistency needed to stay at the top of the game.

We meet the crowds at Granary Square, where Asian food lovers came to get a taste of home, hungry hordes skipped worked for a unique chance for a Michelin-starred lunch and KERB traders did a remarkable thing – crossing the counter to join a line to gasp in wonder over a must-eat street feast.

It’s fair to say the response to the pop up was phenomenal – queues lining up daily from dawn, more than 500-deep at times, for a chance to sample the famous dish and get a delicious bargain to boot.