Kerb Life Podcast : E02

Episode 2: The Bucket List

Traders size up the Golden Cock trophy at KERB’s first competitive event.

Podcast Summary (It's way better to listen)

London’s Best Fried Chicken – the winner of KERB’S Golden Cock

Fried chicken. We love it and it’s everywhere.


00:00: Introduction by Robin Leeburn, KERB Life host
03:50: The KERB Bucket List event kicks off
04:25: Only Jerkin, Luke Dawes
07:40: Bill or Beak, Josh Paterson
11:06: Other Side Fried, Matt and Tommy
14:12: Mother Clucker, Brittney Bean
17:30: Band: Mariachi El Pinche Grinko
18:25: Simon Mitchell, KERB Managing Director
20:45: Allie Behr, KERB Head of Public Events
24:29: The chicken appreciation society
25:54: Petare, Rotsen Ibarra
28:00: Ali, Malaysia’s most passionate chicken connoisseur and blogger from Fried Chillis
30:05: The Winner of KERBs Golden Cock is revealed

Cajun style, southern fried, twice brined jerk seasoned; there’s a host of traditional ways to serve fried chicken worldwide and KERB’s traders are still reinventing it. The crackle of the fryer is enough to start a queue of hungry Londoners who can’t get enough of the dish. Fried chicken now accounts for one fifth of all sales at KERB’s markets.

More than 2,000 people flocked to The Bucket List event at King’s Cross in May where 8 London of London’s best fried chicken bosses gathered to battle it out and win KERB’s Golden Cock.

Josh Paterson from Bill or Beak said, “I’m going to win, 100%.”

Brittney Bean, co-founder of fried chicken legend Mother Clucker, said that competition was “good for everyone”.

Rotsen Ibarra of Petare, a Venezuelan trader better known for their arepas, said: “We’ve never done fried chicken before. Never. But people are loving our chicken.”

Who would be crowned KERB Colonel 2017?

Eager to jump the queues and get his hands on the best wings, Robin Leeburn, KERB Life host sneaked into the gazebos of five of the competitors to find out what’s cooking and learn how chicken became their drive.



The KERB Life podcast has been produced, edited and hosted by Robin Leeburn, of Fairly

Executive Producer: Petra Barran

Mariachi El Pinche Gringo 

Simon Mitchell, Managing Director, KERB
Allie Behr, Head of Public Events, Kerb
Adly Rizal Mohd from friedchillies  

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Meet the traders in this story
Only Jerkin’ – Luke Dawes
Bill or Beak – Josh Paterson
Other Side Fried – Matt and Tommy (surnames?)
Mother Clucker – Brittney Bean
Petare – Rotsen Ibarra