Kerb Life Podcast : E15

Women In Street Food Break It Down

In the final episode of the series of KERB Life, we begin a conversation on equality and diversity, joining a panel of KERB female business owners, breaking down their views on opportunity in street food.

Podcast Summary (It's way better to listen)

Introducing the show, reporter Robin Leeburn asks KERB founder Petra Barran – live via satellite link-up from her sabbatical in New Orleans, about KERB’s ethos – how to create an equal opportunity for anyone with a dream to run their own business and sell their own food.

With near half of KERB’s traders owned or co-owned by women, we discuss how a modern business landscape, such as London’s thriving street food scene, can rise above stereotypes and leave behind outdated models such as the gender pay gap.

Hosting the panel discussion, Club Mexicana owner Meriel Armitage asks Alicia Weekes of new KERB trader Chale Let’s Eat, Colombian catering co Maize Blaze founder Ruth Christianson and Sonita Timur of Camden curry veterans Sonita’s Kitchen how they got into the street food game. A frank honest discussion tackles sexism in the food business, the juggling act of entrepreneurialism and family, the importance of mentorship and that old street food chestnut, wonky attitudes toward women white van drivers.