Back in August 2016 we launched our first ever 34 trader, 7 day a week, 364-day-a-year market in Camden Market West Yard, bringing the greatest street food line-up in London. Now we’re giving our market a facelift. Making it even MORE beautiful and cranking up the deliciousness levels with 5 new traders inside big bold new colourful huts.

Building works are taking place between 7-6 October and should last around three weeks. We’ll be updating you throughout, so stay tuned (by following us on Twitter and Instagram and seeing out KERB Camden web page) and BE READY to come and see it when it’s all done.

The rebuild will mean 34  attractive and super-functional new kiosks and a revised layout that will take the market to a whole new level, thanks to Halo, who have worked with us on delivering the new designs and Camden Market who have funded the project.

The market will be CLOSED until 6 October.

Here is a little bit about our year in Camden and how far we have come…

Back in spring 2016 we began a process of taking over the management of Camden Lock West Yard with the aim of improving access and the overall experience and bringing Londoners back to Camden. We set a launch target of early August and made plans to develop London’s greatest street food market.

We decided to reduce the number of operators from 55 to 34, improving the experience for customers while still delivery a great selection of food, and created plans for three islands of traders with clear boulevards and walkways connecting each set. As a result, we were able to open up the canal, develop rail seating around it and add bespoke benches, big communal doughnut tables and poseur standing tables to make the place more accessible and enjoyable for those both working in and visiting the market.

What we inherited in spring 2016 looked like this:

We then built this:

We brought in a number of London’s favourite street food traders to entice locals and develop the site a reputation for food excellence. We installed a trader-wide till system, allowing us to track successes and gauge how weather and footfall impacts sales, and developed a new brand identity in collaboration with the Camden Market owners and launched to London-wide press acclaim.

Oh, and we made the food great again:

Killa Dilla

Bian Dang (two photos above by @allthingsmeaty)

An enviable spread (photo by @KS_Ate_ Here)

KERB Camden Market has since been voted one of Time Out’s top restaurant openings of 2016 and fed over 1.5M people across the first 12 months, with a number of our traders gaining social media notoriety:

Looking forward we enlisted build team Halo in late 2016 to propose plans for a full rebuild of the stalls and we oversaw the development of a temporary kiosk concept with a premium finish and bold design that satisfied the various and extensive requirements of planning. The results of this process will be on show for all to see from the end of September, with the start of October a great time to come and visit the market in its new lease of life.

We ask you to bear with us as the build takes place across September. We wish to keep the site open partially at all times to keep the many thousands of people streaming into Camden Market well fed.

And please do join us in October to see the next stage in the life of KERB Camden Market – a truer vision of our intentions for the site and another step forward for London street food. Please direct all Camden-related inquiries to