Oh yes we are. We’ve been like the proud older sibling of Gipsy Hill for the past few years, cheering them on and feeding them flapjacks from the sidelines. And now they’ve only gone and done it. They’ve brewed not one but TWO truly offset-free, carbon negative beers. How refreshing.

Using barley grown by the lads at Wild Farmed (who are doing epic things with regenerative farming to get our soils back to full health), and recaptured hops (like getting that final bit of sweet sweet juice from an orange), the Gipsy Hill team have brewed two pints that taste as good as trees feel to hug.

Two truly offset-free, carbon negative beers. That means absolutely ZERO tree planting to offset the damage. You’re actually putting carbon back into the earth with every sip.

Introducing Gipsy Hill’s offset-free carbon negative beers:
TRAIL PALE (-30g CO2e)

We’ve tasted them both and can confirm they are banging. Absolutely no flavour has been compromised in Gipsy Hill’s mission for beer that’s good for the planet!

Both of these pints are now being served up at Seven Dials Market and the National Theatre (at the bar in the Understudy).

So do the planet a favour, order a pint of swell or trail. Or make a bigger impact, order a full round.

Cheers Gipsy Hill crew! Read all about it and get into the nitty gritty of the brewing process here.