Soundsystem trucks vs. street food trucks – both a parade of personality and catalyst of a creative culture rocking up loud and colourful on the kerb. Inspired by this beautiful Instagram account we picked out our favourite soundsystems and matched them to some of our KERBanists’ trucks. (Ahead #JAMONRYE this Monday how could we not).

Soundsystems were created by Jamaican people as a way to “create Jamaicaness” – to break away from the American sounds of country and blues dominating their radios and create their own sound. They are a MASSIVE part of history; “a cultural and economic phenomenon, the sound system was affected by the vast socio-political changes taking place in Jamaica at this time”.  Frequency through design, it would take a team to carve the shape of speaker stacks and decorate it bold and loud (first known as “Houses of Joy”). Artist, rigger, selector, sound engineer, crew & MC  would rock up on the streets “with their sound” (like our traders rock up on the kerb with their flavour) and crowds would gather  – each soundsystem like a local football team (like Mother Clucker’s West India Quay cult following) and there would be competitions on the streets, “sound clashes”, trying to win over the crowds – (imagine Bian Dang and BBQ Dreamz having a rice box off).

From sound clashes to chilli oil splashes; signage to stacks; grills to scoops; lead rigger to front of house trader; vinyl sleeves to street food packaging; personalised dub-plates to signature one-off special dishes; both creating and curating a distinct flavour that everyone can delve in – on one level. It’s no coincidence both our stage hosts have names relating to food. (Reggae Roast & Wormfood).

JAM ON RYE will be bringing together EVERYTHING WE LOVE on to Peckham Rye grass – three stages of reggae, afrobeat and new wave jazz alongside an incredible street food line up and Peckham Levels-hosted local talent stage – to celebrate reggae, truckfuls of talent and our city with a one-day flavour clash. 

See you there. TICKETS.