Thank you to everyone who came to eat at our charity KERB Gherkin last month. Kaki Lima’s chestnut-stuffing wonton soto, Meltsmith’s brie and cranberry toasties and Gnocchi Shop’s Nutella-stuffed gnocchi went down a treat. 30% of all sales went to our partner charity, Street Child UK, bringing us to a record of £5300 raised this year – so thank you to everyone whose appetites helped make it happen!

Here are the highlights. We’re looking forward to doing more of this in 2019.

BBQ Dreamz Team! Our Ollie, Alana and Hannah working with stars of the small screen, Lee and Sinead for the day…

…doing ‘dumplings for donations’ – great, generous pork sui mai steamed ones.

MORE DUMPLINGS. Kaki Lima made giant deep fried, pork chestnut stuffing wontons to plonk on top their Indonesian soto with festive crispy sprouts, carrot pickle and house sambal. (Woah).

Mother Flipper’s camembert, turkey and bacon special with parsnip fries? (we ate them first). Should Manuel bring it back next year? Alana Buckley thinks so, look at that pout.

So did these two. Street food tasting – serious stuff. 

“Where’s my turkey?” #KERBDogs 

MONEY SHOT. No one toasts them better than our Henry.

Only Jerkin’s ginger beer battered jerk nuggets (/dinosaur limbs!) with spicy cranberry sauce and sweet potato fries.

Thanks Luke and Jess! Joined by our Theo and Elle for the day – lucky them.

Spiros’ special aromatic Greek sausage and rosemary chips in handmade pitta – and a side of ch-ching to bring out the flavour.

And last but not least – a shot of inKERBator graduate, Jacobo’s Nutella gnocchi pebbles, dripping hot from the core.  [Catch him speaking at the KERB Workshop on 27 Jan].

See you at KERB Gherkin on Thursdays, 12-2pm – right through from Jan to the end of the year. [LUNCH LINE UP].

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