IT’S BACK! We asked all of KERBanists (inKERBators, Alumni and current traders) what their favourite restaurants were, and put them on a Google map for you to explore this Easter Weekend. That’s over 100 restaurant recommendations for you, from people at the top of the food chain who aren’t going to spin out anything weak. (We’ve included the KERB Team’s ones this year too).

We highlighted the most popular ones below and in yellow on the map  (2018 vs. 2017) – ‘regional Asian’ and ‘no frills’ trends coming through strong. We also highlighted in purple on the map (and below )the spots which are top of our list at the moment.

  1. Singburibest Thai in London
  2. St John – ‘nose-to-tail’ eating
  3. Lanzhou Lamian Noodle Barhole in the wall hand cut noodle place where they make them in front of you, get the chilli oil wontons too
  4. Duck Duck Goose – old school Cantonese cafe in Brixton (Baba G’s go-to)
  5. Halaour current Turkish go-to in Green Lanes 
  6. Etles – Muslim Chinese / ‘Uyghur’ food (introduced to us by Felix)
  7. Dark Arts Cafe aka I Will Kill Again – the oddest / most incredible topping-ed brunch / coffee shop you’ll eat at: blue poppy seed, turmeric waffle, burrata, baba ganoush, nduja and poached egg?
  8. Mari Vanna – Russian dumplings


1. Silk road(Allihopa, Bleecker Burger, Kimchinary, Lion City Kitchen, Tara)
2. Hoppers (Lion City Kitchen, Mother Clucker, Roti Riot, Kar Shing Tong – KERB friend)
3. Xi’an Impression – (Division 194, Daja Chicken, Smokin’ Lotus)
4. Hawksmoor – (House of Dodo, Luardos, The Bowler)
5. Bao – (Lion City Kitchen, Pochi, Oishii Yatai )


1. St John
2. Singburi
3. C and R
4. Saravana Bhavan
5. Taco Queen


1. Silk road(Allihopa, Bleecker Burger, Kimchinary, Lion City Kitchen)
2. Hawksmoor – (House of Dodo, Luardos, The Bowler)
3. The Good Egg – (Hanoi Kitchen, Nonna’s Gelato, Oli Baba’s)
4. Dishoom(Nazari, You Doughnut, The Roadery)
5. Hoppers (Lion City Kitchen, Mother Clucker)