Decatur‘s Tom Browne first came to our attention in 2014 when he was planning a Cafe du Monde style beignet stall. Being big NOLA fans up in here, our interest was immediately piqued. What we didn’t know was quite how much of a disciple of all things New Orleans this cat was. He cooked things on the KERB that no one else was doing. So many in London try their hand at that flavour but we have found no one better at recreating the spirit of Crescent City cooking than Tom.

So when TimeOut named his eye-rollingly good charbroiled oysters as their 2016 #1 dish in London, a collective Who dat! went up in the KERB office.

Nice one, TimeOut, for picking such a worthy winner. And if you haven’t yet tried these hot sauce, buttery, cheesy little shell-loads of heaven you don’t have long – Decatur is departing Pamela in a few weeks. Stroll over!


(Petra Barran)