Bian Dang


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  • Vegetarian Option


Pork chop rice

Succulent boneless pork marinated in a signature Taiwanese style, lightly coated in sweet potato flour and flash fried to lock in all the goodness and flavour.

Chicken Breast

Sumptuous tender chicken breast marinated in a full-bodied garlic soy mix, coated in sweet potato flour and fried to a golden crisp

Crumbed Oyster Mushrooms (V)

Luscious white oyster mushrooms panèd with sweet potato flour, fried until a golden crisp and tossed with a peppery salt

Each box is accompanied by fluffy steamed short grain rice, an assortment of zingy zangy pickles, stir-fried vegetables, either slow braised pork or shitake mushroom sauce and our legendary famous marbled tea egg

Bao's - available at Camden only

Fluffy Taiwanese steamed buns filled with :

Pork belly
Fried chicken
Fried oyster mushrooms