Biff’s Jack Shack

Sent from the future to save vegan food


Chunky 'Bangin' Wingz'

Smothered with a sauce of your choice:
– Buffalo + Blue Cheese
– Sweet Chili Cinnamon
– Maple Chipotle.

Crispy Fillet Burgers served in Vegan Brioche

The 'Father Jack'

An ode to the great man of excess himself.

– Smoke infused vegan Bacun Jam
– Boozey BBQ Sauce
– Smoked Burger Cheese
– Onion rings
– Crisp Iceberg

The 'Samuel Hell Jackson'

a badass burger for badass folk.
– Chipotle Slaw
– Maple Chipotle Shack Sauce
– Classic Burger Cheese
– Jalepenos


– Cajun Dusted Skin-on Fries
– Crisp and fresh Slaw