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Cally Munchy

Fusing culture and food from Africa & the Caribbean, watch out for the hot sauce. Yeow!

  • KERB Member
  • NCASS Member
  • Vegetarian Option
  • Gluten Free Option
  • Dairy Free Option
  • Halal Option


Cally Munchy Pots

Cally Munchy is an African inspired food business, taking its influences from different cultures in Africa and fusing it with other cultures around the world in a creative way.

Rice base:
Jollof ‘n’ peas (Popular African rice dish fused with Caribbean red kidney beans)

Cally chicken (Bengali and Nigerian spices blended and marinated with our homemade shi-tuan sauce)
Suya steak (contains nut) (Using quality Scottish Bavette with the well known Suya spice from West Africa)
Cauliflower (Grilled cauliflower with special CallyMunchy seasoning blend and a drizzle of our shi-tuan sauce)



Nyiragongo spinach (smokey tomato and bell pepper sauce concentrated to replicate the larva from Mount Nyiragongo)
Red onion
-Coconut flakes



Kelewele (Ghanaian seasoned plantain)


(All served with Cally Munchy signature Shi-tuan chilli sauce, and we can cater for gluten free, vegetarians and dairy free)