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Sen Noods

East Asian Inspired Noodle Soups

  • KERB Member


Dan Dan Noodles
An inauthentic take on the traditional Dan Dan noodles. It has a rich peanut flavour that when mixed in with the noodles will provide a satisfying bite of spicy porky peanuty sauce coated noodles.

Hong Kong Curry Noodles
The curry soup is made with blended up vegetables, fried in our curry powder mix. It is a hong kong curry because dried seafoods are added to create it’s distinctive hong kong curry style of flavour. The noodles are topped with tofu puffs which is cooked with the soup to absorb all of its flavours, and our pan fried curry spiced boneless chicken thighs.

Chashu Ramen
Although the same soup as the vegan ramen, it is topped with Chashu, and ramen egg. Chashu is a tied braised piece of pork belly that has to be sliced and charred with a blow torch to order. The eggs are marinated after being soft boiled and peeled.

Vegan Ramen
It’s a vegan ramen we have invented, to mimic the rich flavour of a tonkotsu ramen. The soup is made from Kombu dashi, miso, doubanjiang and soy milk. It is topped with teriyaki aubergines and mushrooms, sweet corn and beansprout.