It's an Island Ting


Our mantra’s simple: Homemade everything. Fresh everything. That means using only the highest quality ingredients, traditional recipes and doing things just like granny taught us – the good, old-fashioned way.

The Jerk - (signature dish)

48-hour pimento and scallion marinated chicken, smoked to perfection in a traditional jerk drum. Served with rice and peas and tropical coleslaw.

Using tradition as our foundation, our now famous jerk recipe was developed from a marinade combination literally centuries old. The Jerk is the culmination of traditional ingredients, cooking methods, closely-guarded heirloom recipes and years under the tutelage of a jerk master.

Ackee & Callaloo

Seasoned Ackee fruit, stir-fried vegetables with steamed baby spinach and callaloo. Served with rice and peas and tropical coleslaw.

Wing Di Alarm

Four signature jerk wings slow-smoked to our famous recipe. Served with a sauce of your choice.