The FIRST & only Yunnan rice noodle traders in London

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Guo Qiao Mi Xian 过桥米线

Cross-Bridge Rice Noodles
Choice of Protein: Chicken/ Pork Su Rou/ Prawn/ Combo
The 300-year legendary Guo Qiao Mi Xian is served in an 8-hour soup broth, filled with rice noodles, meats, fresh vegetables and house-made condiments, finished with fragrant edible Chrysanthemum petals.

Xiao Guo Mixian 小锅米线

Xiao Guo Mixian
Yunnan Small Pot Rice Noodles
Spicy and flavourful rice noodles served with the 8-hour soup broth. Cooked in a traditional Yunnan copper pot with special sauced pork mince, fresh tofu, mushrooms, Chinese chives, YUN pickles and YUN chilli oil

Douhua Mixian 豆花米线

Douhua Mixian
Silken Tofu Rice Noodles
Kunming gourmands’ favourite street food dish. Layered with warm silken tofu, simmered pork mince, Chinese chives, YUN pickles and crushed peanuts. Smooth, spicy and savoury

Langya Tudou 狼牙土豆

Langya Tudou
Langya Chilli Potato
Fried potato, dressed with YUN special chilli sauce, and tossed with fresh coriander and spring onion