Sen Noods

There’s BIG news as we welcome another new trader to The Understudy lineup. In fact, you might even recognise them coz they’re already firm faves at the National Theatre.

Sen Noods have been popping up with us for not one, but two outdoor markets on the South Bank. These guys rocked up outside The Understudy in winter 2022, and then joined us again for summer 2023.

So we already know you guys will LOVE what Sen Noods are bringing to the table, and we’re absolutely buzzing to have them for a proper residency at The Understudy.



Godfrey and Jonny were best pals at school where a life long friendship and passion for noodles began!

Godfrey grew up in Hong Kong, surrounded by a huge variety of different cuisines. Starting uni in the London, he soon realised the easiest way to eat well without spending a fortune was to pull on his influences and cook for himself. After feeling pretty unfulfilled working as a data scientist in the city during covid, he finally made the decision to buy a truck and start a street food business.

Jonny also grew up abroad in Switzerland before moving to the UK, and was constantly exposed to delicious food from various different cultures. His love of flavour led him to become a chef, but after losing his sense of taste and smell during covid, things were looking a bit bleak for Jonny – until Godfrey’s banging noodles and business proposition was too good to miss.




The lads are bringing something completely different to the table with their flavour-packed East Asian noodles and dumplings. Starting with smaller dishes, they’re slinging out doughy pork or veg dumplings, tangy cucumber salad and kimchi, and cripsy golden Japanese fried chicken.

For mains, choose from their hearty noodle bowls, including Dan Dan Noodles – minced pork in a creamy peanut sauce, Tonkotsu Ramen – miso soy milk ramen with either Chashu pork, chicken thigh or teriaki aubergine, Hong Kong Curry Noodles, and Bang Bang Noodles with chicken thighs or teriyake aubergine in a sesame sauce.

So what are you waiting for? Get down to The Understudy at the National Theatre and show these guys some love.


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