The best way to tackle a street food market: head down there in numbers. That’s definitely the case for our latest spot, KERB does Alchemy – with a 27 trader fleet of spice awaiting you down on the Southbank how would you choose?

We’ve seen a recent splurge on social of you papping your picnics across our sunny kerbs. Here’s our favourites so far. See if yours make the cut.

Mango and lime Square Root / Blu Top  mango lassi ice cream soda float + pistachio cream and passion fruit glaze Vicky’s Donuts. By Mara Robyn at KERB does Alchemy

Pomegranate and rose + salted lemonade Square Root sodas + vegan peanut potato curry and tandoori cauli steak Spice Box combo + chilli cheese dosa and onion bhaji beast from Dosa Deli. By Jack Kearon at KERB does Alchemy.

Square Root salted lemonade + mango and lime sodas, Kothu Kothu roti + Gupta’s curry + Khao suey bowl. By Railla at KERB does Alchemy.

Mother Flipper candy bacon cheeseburger + a side of Mother Flipper spicy Korean wings. By Hugo Topping at (KERB London Bridge)

Other Side Nashville fried chicken buns, Taco Dave’s candy bacon chipotle tacos + a pot of Anna Mae’s mac ‘n Cheese. By Nibs.

Oh My Dog’s ‘Windy City Red Hot’ hot dogs + tater tots, Vicky’s Homer donuts, KERB Bar Mint Juleps. By Tanya’s Travels.

Keep at it. If we repost your picnic on our Insta feed (#KERBPicnics), you’ll get a free KERB lunch on us : )